LICA Defined

An Overview

Anyone who moves dirt for a living should consider joining the Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA). Our members range from “owner-operator” contractors to large construction businesses with over 100 employees. They are a cross-section of contractors who improve and protect our precious land.

LICA Contractors Are Unsung Heroes

LICA members are unsung heroes in our society, who never get the credit for what they do. They build ponds, dams, terraces, drainage water systems, churches, schools, senior citizen homes and complexes, hospitals, parks, athletic fields, golf courses, all of which add to the quality of our life, while protecting our natural resources. LICA, through its national office in Lisle, Illinois, its state chapters and members-at-large, strive to improve the members’ business climate by working for better legislation and regulations, keeping members abreast of the latest changes in the laws impacting their companies, and providing training in the latest technology. Our members are well prepared.

A Brief History of LICA

For more than 85 years, LICA contractors have paved the way for our country’s growth and expansion. We have contractors from coast to coast, providing a wide range of services: grading, excavating, drainage, landscaping, paving, wetland development, terraces and waterways, and site preparation, just to name a few. Our contractors work in urban and rural areas, on farms and in neighborhoods. They work with dedication and commitment to the professional conservation of soil and water. If you are a contractor, you should become a member of this great association and enjoy its many benefits!

LICA Objectives

The aim of the Association is to encourage high standards of workmanship in resource management and to promote enterprises in land improvement contracting. This association of contractors brings together people who have similar interests in improving and preserving our natural resources, with an adequate profit.

LICA Benefits

Along with many commodity, safety, and health programs, the organization offers numerous training and networking opportunities for its members. At national and state conventions, seminars are offered in safety programs, management techniques, insurance and many other topics. Our programs and meetings provide opportunities for our members to network and find better, more efficient ways to run their businesses and do their jobs. We offer members support to be efficient entrepreneurs and to run their businesses safely and profitably.

Field Days

Many state chapters conduct field days. A field day provides an opportunity for contractors, associates, universities and municipalities to work together to learn about new applications through demonstrations of cutting-edge equipment and products.

Our Vision Statement

LICA will be an effective partner to its members supporting their capability in assisting landowners and users in the stewardship of our nation’s precious natural resources by providing leadership and training, improving communications, promoting sound financial management, and providing representation to federal, state and local legislative bodies on natural resource issues.

Our Mission Statement

To promote the economic interests of association members by supporting education and legislation which will advance our founding principles of Soil, Water, and Environmental Stewardship.

A Little History

The Land Improvement Contractors Association (LICA) was founded in Missouri in 1938 by a group of, primarily, terracing contractors in an attempt to promote the proper management of soil and water, with the ultimate goal being the preservation of our precious natural resources. Other contractors soon began to take notice of those contractors’ success and formed their own LICA state chapters, resulting in the founding of the National LICA in 1951. Today, we represent construction companies from across the state which perform the following types of work:
Concrete/Hardscaping Gravel/Rock/Sand Production Site Prep./Demolition
Crane Service Landscaping/Seeding/Sod Septic Systems/Onsite Wastewater Treatment
Directional Boring Open Ditch Work/Dredging Trucking/Hauling
Drainage/Water Mgmt./Irrigation Ponds/Dams Terraces/Waterways
Earthmoving/Grading/Land Leveling Roads/Paving Underground Utilities
Excavating/Land Clearing