Membership Definitions

To assist our members in finding local solutions to local problems, we divide the state into six (6) local Districts. Each District has its own set of officers and meets individually throughout the year. Click on the map to see the Missouri LICA individual Districts. District_Map

Missouri LICA offers three types of membership:

Active Contractor, Company Associate, and Supporting Member

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Active Contractor Membership

Definition: Any person, firm or corporation regularly engaged in owning and operating construction equipment in the field of land improvement shall be eligible, upon approval by the proper Board or Committee, for active membership in this Association and shall have a vote on all matters pertaining to the operation of the Association.

A Contractor Membership includes memberships in the following:

    • Missouri LICA Local District
    • Missouri LICA State Chapter
    • LICA’s Region IV – a five-state region including Chapters in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin
    • National LICA

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Our members perform a wide range of construction work, including:

Concrete/Hardscaping Excavating/Land Clearing Roads/Paving
Crane Service Gravel/Rock/Sand Production Site Prep./Demolition
Directional Boring Landscaping/Seeding/Sod Septic Systems/ Onsite Wastewater Treatment
Drainage/Water Mgmt./Irrigation Open Ditch Work/Dredging Trucking/Hauling
Earthmoving/Grading/Land Leveling Ponds/Dams Terraces/Waterways
Underground Utilities

Company Associate Membership

Definition: Any person, firm or corporation dealing in materials, equipment or services incidental to the soil and water conservation construction industry, but not eligible for active membership, shall be eligible for associate membership in this Association. Associate members will not have a vote In matters pertaining to the business of the Association; however, the committee chairman of the associates shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors and shall have a vote at all membership meetings.

Supporting Membership

Definition: Any person genuinely and sincerely interested in the furtherance and promotion of sound soil and water conservation practices and any sales person dealing in the sale of materials, equipment or services incidental to the soil and water conservation industry, but not eligible for either Active or Associate membership shall be eligible for membership as a Supporting member. Supporting members shall not be entitled to a vote in the Association.