District Map and Officers

District_Map To assist our members in finding local solutions to local problems, we divide the state into six (6) geographic Districts. Each District has its own set of officers and meets individually throughout the year. Click on the map to see the Missouri LICA individual Districts.

District Officers

District #1

District #2

President:  Ryan Cronk (Mound City, MO)
Vice-President: Cory Phillips (Cameron, MO)

Board Representatives:

Jeff Lance (Savannah, MO)
Tom Lawlor (Smithville, MO)

President: Scott Whalen (Auxasse, MO)
Vice-President: Donnie Gilbert (Montgomery City, MO)

Board Representatives:

Scott Whalen (Auxvasse, MO)
Donnie Gilbert (Montgomery City, MO)

District #3

District #4

President: Buddy Hostetter (Waverly, MO)
Vice-President: Matt Hostetter (Waverly, MO)

Board Representatives:

Buddy Hostetter (Waverly, MO)
Matt Hostetter (Waverly, MO)

President: Larry LaFollette (Strafford, MO)
Vice-President: Vacant

Board Representatives:

Larry LaFollette (Strafford, MO)

District #5

District #6

President: Ron Morrow (Russellville, MO)
Vice-President: Craig Stubinger (Lohman, MO)

Board Representatives:

Ron Morrow (Russellville, MO)
Craig Stubinger (Lohman, MO)

President: Vacant
Vice-President: Vacant

Board Representatives: Vacant