2022 Drainage Contractor Workshop and Landowner Drainage Short-Course

Through a NRCS three-year grant, Missouri LICA hosted a Drainage Contractor Workshop on February 22-24, 2022 and a Landowner Drainage Short-Course on February 25 at the Vernon County Fairgrounds in Nevada, MO. Through the grant and with the support of our Associate members for food, we have hosted two Workshops and three Short-Courses since 2019. Unfortunately, covid shut down several of our planned events in 2020 and 2021, so even a surprise ice/snow storm didn’t stop us from taking the opportunity to meet again. We were very fortunate to have a tremendous slate of instructors, including:

      • Kelly Nelson, Ph.D., University of Missouri Extension – Greenley Research Center
      • Allen Thompson, Ph.D., P.E., University of Missouri – Columbia
      • Mike Harre, Laser Specialists, Inc.
      • Scott Azbell, Trimble Agriculture
      • Andy Rackers, P.E., Missouri NRCS State Engineer
      • Mark Abney, Missouri NRCS Assistant State Soil Scientist
      • Brandon Viers, P.E., Missouri NRCS Civil Engineer
      • Liz Estrada Rocha, Missouri NRCS Civil Engineer
      • Rob Liles, Liles Enterprises
      • Matt J. Helmers, Ph.D., Iowa State University

For the Workshop agendas, click here. For a list of speakers and sponsors, click here.