2019 Conservation Showcase

During the week of July 18-26, Missouri LICA contractors met in Novelty, MO to complete the third and final phase of the state’s first Holistic Drain Water Management Recycling project with the construction of a 12-acre lake on the Grace Greenley Farm for the University of Missouri’s Lee Greenley Jr. Research Center in Novelty, MO. (Click on the photos for an enlarged view.)

For a list of our volunteers and partners for this project, click here.

For an article about the Field Days which was published in the LICA Contractor, click here.

Here are some fun facts about what we accomplished:

  • 1,301 hours of labor donated by Missouri LICA members from July 18 through July 26, this does not include the prep time
  • Over $4 million in equipment on site
  • Over 43,000 cubic yards of dirt were moved to build the dam and fill no-longer-needed waterways, including about 7,000 cubic yards of stripping and 36,000 cubic yards of fill dirt
  • It took over 1,000 passes across the field with the tractors and scrapers to move all the dirt
  • 2,000 square yards of geo fabric were placed under the rip rap on the dam
  • Almost 1,475 tons of rip rap, 1″, 2″ and 3″ rock were used on the dam, wet well irrigation pipe, new access road, and low-water crossing – we used all the crushed rock available at the time through the quarry in Edina, MO, a 30-mile round trip and had to switch to a quarry in Bethel, MO, a 40-mile round trip
  • 1,200 cubic yards of straw wrap was used to protect the back side of the dam
  • Over 250 bags of ice, 20 cases of Gatorade, 40 cases of water, and 35 pizzas were consumed!

Below are some aerial shots from the project (click on the picture for a larger view):

Below are some more pictures from the project (click on the picture for a larger view):