About LICA

Missouri LICA State Office

State Officers

Deb Dickens, Executive Director
1101 West High Street
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Ph: 573-634-3001
Em: MLICA@aol.com
Chairman: Mont Gilbert ♦ Montgomery, MO
President: Tom Lawlor ♦ Smithville, MO
Vice President: Rob Liles ♦ Craig, MO
Secretary/Treasurer: Jake Gingerich ♦ Columbia, MO
DistrictMap To assist our members in finding local solutions to local problems, we divide the state into six (6) local Districts. Each District has its own set of officers and meets individually throughout the year. Click on the map to see the Missouri LICA individual Districts.

District Officers

District #1

Tom Lawlor ♦ Smithville, MO
Vice President: Jeff Lance ♦ Savannah, MO
Board Representatives: Jeff Lance and Jim Bledsoe

District #2

Jake Gingerich ♦ Columbia, MO
Vice President: Mont Gilbert ♦ Montgomery City, MO
Board Representatives: Jake Gingerich and Mont Gilbert

District #3

President: Buddy Hostetter ♦ Waverly, MO
Vice President: Vacant
Board Representatives: Buddy Hostetter

District #4

President: Elwin Yoder ♦ Warsaw, MO
Vice President: Gerald Bauer ♦ Rockville, MO
Board Representatives: Gerald Bauer and Bob Parks

District #5

President: Greg Muenks ♦ Bonnots Mill, MO
Vice President: Ken Balkenbusch ♦ Linn, MO
Board Representatives: Ron Morrow and Greg Muenks

District #6

President: Vacant
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant
Board Representatives: Vacant

A Little History

The Missouri Land Improvement Contractors Association (LICA) was founded in 1941 by a group of, primarily, terracing contractors in an attempt to promote the proper management of soil and water, with the ultimate goal being the preservation of Missouri’s precious topsoil. Other contractors soon began to take notice of those Missouri contractors’ success and formed their own LICA state chapters, resulting in the founding of the National LICA in 1951. Although LICA’s underlying activity is still topsoil conservation, the organization has undergone many transformations over the years. Today, we represent construction companies from across the state which perform the following types of work:
Cable/Utility Installation Hardscaping Road Boring/Drainage
Directional Boring Land Leveling Septic Systems
Drainage/Irrigation Landscaping Sewer/Water/Underground Utilities
Dredging On Site Waste Management Site Prep./Development
Earthmoving/Land Clearing Open Ditch Work Sod Farm/Seeding/Installation
Erosion Control Paving Terraces/Waterways
Excavating/Grading Ponds/Dams Trucking/Hauling
Gravel/Rock Production Reclamation Water Management